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Building IoT at scale – lessons from the past 3 years

Part one - takeaways: Real IoT at scale is hard to do, which is one reason why there are so few examples today The chasm between running a pilot and moving to production at scale is wide and deep But some people will win very big from IoT in the coming years Poor air quality kills more than 50,000 people a year in the UK Our...

Jonathan’s blog – the future

Upcoming posts In future posts, I’m going to look at many of the lessons we’ve learned about IoT, including (but not limited to, and not necessarily in this order): How to set project objectives: what question are you trying to answer? A model for the IoT implementation stack, which will help to show (among other things) why it’s so hard to get a...

BBC coverage of AirSensa and the Wellcome Trust

Thanks for all the kind messages about the latest BBC One Show coverage we received, looking at how The Wellcome Trust is engaging their staff around air quality using AirSensa.  If you didn’t see it, check out  It was a follow-up to the piece they did on AirSensa and schools in August.  The picture attached here shows Wellcome’s energy manager John...

Air pollution stunting children’s lungs, study finds

A six-year study examined the lung function of 2,400 children aged 8 or 9 at 25 schools across East London. A direct correlation between air pollutant exposure and reduced lung growth was found, with children living in highly polluted parts of cities having up to 10% less lung capacity than normal, with warnings the damage could be permanent. Such children...

Sunday Times and AirSensa

Excited by the coverage we received in the Sunday Times this week, recognising our work to put air quality monitors on every school in the UK.  Great launch on Monday of the 'Let's make air pollution Visible' initiative as well - a strong and knowledgeable audience and growing recognition that business can make the real short-term difference on air quality.  Many announcements coming up...

Launch of the ‘Visible’ air pollution initiative

Very much looking forward to the launch of our initiative: Let's Make Air Pollution Visible. The initiative builds on extensive current media interest in poor air quality, and is bringing together academics, businesses, government, and communities to better measure and mitigate air pollution. The launch is happening at the Wellcome Trust at 9am on Monday 29th June.  The address is 215 Euston Road, London. Registration starts...

AirSensa to trial in Coventry

Coventry City Council has started a trial of our newest AirSensa air quality monitoring devices. The trial will initially examine three AirSensas installed in key city locations, and reflects the city’s ambition to improve air quality and work on ways to reduce residents’ exposure to toxins. This is the first UK city trial for AirSensa outside London, but interest is...