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AirSensa purchase and sponsorship

Take control and improve the health of the area where you live and work.

Types of funding

We have 2 separate funding models for the AirSensa. The first of which is sponsorship – meaning the individual or organisation is paying for the unit/units to be sited on a school or schools. In the case of sponsorship – Deliver Change keeps the right to the unit/units and the Sponsor cannot dictate where exactly the unit is sited – this remains the decision of the sponsored site.

The other model is a simple purchase agreement – where an individual or organisation buys a unit/units for their premises. In this case, the AirSensa is now the property of the purchaser and they have control about where they site the unit etc.

Even though there are only 2 models of funding – we recognise that each stakeholder has different needs and motivations to getting involved with the AirSensa Project – please select from the buttons below and go to the page most relevant to you.

  • Businesses
  • Landlords
  • Local Government
  • Schools
  • Developers

There is some basic information however, which is universal – detailed below.

The Agreement

Purchasing costs

AirSensa is available to buy as a package of equipment and maintenance:


• AirSensa unit with 1 year service & maintenance: £2,600

• AirSensa unit with 3 years service & maintenance (includes replacement unit every year on install anniversary): £3,798

• AirSensa unit with 5 years service & maintenance (includes replacement unit every year on install anniversary): £4,996


After the end of the package period, service & maintenance will be charged on an annual basis (currently £599).

What’s included

 1. The unit itself: Current model ASE unit, with installation mounting and instructions

2. Service & Maintenance: All online and offline support for ASE unit, including fix support if there is a break in reporting. In addition – preventative maintenance: supply of a new unit as and when necessary (currently each 12-24 months but varies according to need & location)

3. Hardware upgrades: Hardware upgrades and/or additional features, as issued from time to time, included in new units provided under the maintenance agreement

4. Software upgrades: Any and all firmware upgrades produced for the unit, as they are released

5. Communications: All communications and data costs

6. Continuous calibration: Unit pre- and post-delivery calibration, including continual calibration updates for unit lifetime

7. IT platform: Provision, maintenance and upgrading of management platform, including all data handling and interpretation algorithms

8. Data prep/dashboard: All data preparation and presentation including private dashboard, and all updates & upgrades. There is no additional cost for data access at any time


For a site owner

The only responsibility is scheduling and ensuring installation (comprehensive, yet simple installation guide provided) – therefore Deliver Change does not require access to the site or buildings, and Site Owner can move or remove them with minimal notice, should they wish to. Due to the AirSensas being installed on private premises, the Site Owner would be liable in the instance of vandalism – therefore it is important to ensure that is covered by the existing insurance policy. Other than that, any mechanical failure is the responsibility of Deliver Change covering repairs, replacement and/or re-delivery.

For a sponsor

The level of involvement of a sponsor in the process is completely at the digression of the individual. Commonly, it is a simple relationship, with Deliver Change providing updates on the project and answering any questions the Sponsor may have. However, we also welcome more involvement if the Sponsor wishes. This may include ‘presenting’ the AirSensa at a school, working with the site on reducing pollution levels, running various talks or workshops etc.

For Deliver Change

Deliver Change manages the entire process from product design, network maintenance, contacting schools, delivery etc. As well as this, Deliver Change will provide the necessary materials and reports for sponsors on how their sponsorship has been spent. These documents will be useful for external and internal comms, CSR reporting, environmental policies etc.



Benefits: For a Sponsored School

Deliver Change

Educational Materials – these unique materials designed by Deliver Change will contextualise learning and offer a cross-curricular approach, allowing schools to use the data from their own unit to aid the understanding and education of their pupils and to reduce teacher workload. They have been designed for all ages (4-18) and have clear links to the curriculum &/or syllabus.

Projects, campaigns and engagement – detailed, reliable data provided from the network and the school’s individual unit will allow schools to run projects that have a lasting positive effect on the health of the students and the community.

Engaging with the community – through AirSensa, schools will be able to work together with all sectors of their local community to improve the air quality, forming lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Benefits: For the Wider Community

Deliver Change

Long-term data on key pollutants – they will be provided to local government as an input into transport planning and policy creation

Conducting joint research with universities – enabling us to learn more about the short & long term health effects and how to solve the pollution problem

The data will be used in powerful smartphone apps – with features like low pollution journeys and automated high pollution alerts, as well as visualised online, allowing people to make informed decision


Other information

Data Privacy

Data from each unit is shared with Deliver Change, its policy, planning and research partners, and inputted into an aggregate overview, but is never published on a property-by-property basis. Owners can make full use of the data gathered from their buildings – to engage with employees, to tell suppliers and customers about the project, or to lobby local authorities for transport or planning alterations that could improve the nearby environment. But no one else will have access to readings from specific premises if the ‘opt-out’ clause is used – this will be available on installation.

Colour matching service

Deliver Change offers a unique colour matching service – allowing for the AirSensa to blend with the external office colour and reduce visual pollution. This is an important factor for iconic or listed buildings.